Should I ask a coworker's son to go to a wedding with me?

I've been looking for a date for a friend's wedding and can't find one. I was talking to an older male coworker of mine and he said that I should send his son a message on Facebook and ask him. I thought about it, but I don't want it to look like I'm crazy lol. My coworker said not to tell his son that he was the one that told me to ask, because he said he wouldn't do it if he knew that he had said it. Apparently his son doesn't always listen to him and his advice. I don't know what to do, or even what to say if I messaged him. I've never met or talked to his son before. Any advice?


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  • I wouldn't do that at all. Weddings are funny things to take 'first dates' to. You're going to be there, know your friend and a lot of the people at the wedding. He won't know anyone, and everyone will assume he's your date and grill him about your relationship.

    Just go single if you can't find a date, and hook up with a groomsman.

    • I don't want to go to the wedding by myself because of one of the groomsmen. I dated one of them a couple months ago and he left me to go back to his ex girlfriend. I am determined to find a date to go to this wedding with me.

    • That's fine, but I think it's a bad idea for a first date.

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