How can I stop thinking about how to fix my ex relationship?

my boyfriend and i broke up a week ago. i keep replaying the moment all over and over, and how i could've fixed things to make him stay.
i also feel like i'll never find another relationship...

how do i stop thinking about this, its digging my head in


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  • Im a guy and was in your exact let me tell you what to expect..HEARTACHE..trying to reconcile...HEARTACHE..wondering if they are with someone/what they are doing..HEARTACHE...streamlined phone calls full of false hope of getting back together...HEARTACHE...days full of tears and finally guessed it..HEARTACHE!! But you will beleive it or not get over it. If you all can make it work-that's good get back together, if not, let them go for GOOD! No pitiful phone calls, no pleading, just let it go and the HEARTACHE will go too.


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