Feel i'm about to go majorly on the rebound and worried whats next?

I feel really lost , this happened very suddenly I had though we'd be getting back together after some time apart , I still had or still have a lot of feelings for her but then things seemed to go sour and now its clear we won't be getting back together.

I feel like I'm headed for a major rebound episode as I really liked this one and had deep feelings for her. I don't know whats next at this stage

but anyways worried I'm totally going to go on the rebound and make really bad choices as I'd likely go for just about any available half descent girl rate now just to feel better about things as I feel pretty horrible about how things turned out with girl I liked


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  • may i ask why u won't get back together? i feel like if u realize what caused u two to split u would have a better understanding.

    im not a fan of rebounds. you can't use someone to get emotionally stimulated to get over the last person. rebounds never do anyone any good. its best to be alone single and explore urself get urself back on a good path.

    • i just don't feel there is much chance its going to happen , she's back home for summer and now be the time but things haven't really worked out so far , and there is other guys in the picture now , she seems to be a really in demand girl in terms of what guys want , there is also some guy she knows who works out of state she has a thing for , he was back home and I saw them together some chemistry for sure but he doesn't live here so now sure it go anywhere in the end. but yeah I don't really think we'd get back together unless she decided she wanted me back but she seems to have other options now

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  • Some people need to rebound to help ease the pain, some (like me) don't like doing that at all.

    What's wrong with it if you do? As long as you are honest about it and you don't lead anyone on and don't hurt anyone it's fine. There are girls who just wAnt to have fun (not me but I know many girls no do).

    • yeah but aren't a lot of girls turned off by idea of dating someone on the rebound?

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  • Go rebound. What is there to think about? It's normal.

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