Should I limit contact with my boyfriend to one day a week?

My boyfriend and I were always seeing each other everyday during the very beginning of our relationship. We never got tired of each other, and we love being together. However, people kept telling me to limit my time with him. I have cut my time with him to three days a week, but we would always text each other or webcam each other practically everyday.

Now I feel like I need to cut down even more. Should I do what feels right, or cut down my contact with him to just once a week?

  • Do what feels right; don't listen to other people
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  • Limit your contact moderately
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  • Only see him one day a week
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  • Take your friends out the equation completely, I don't think it's them running your relationship right?

    Take a look at yourselves, you and your boyfriend... do you really think you guys need time apart? Are you doing this to satisfy you and your relationship, or is this solely to make your friends "happy"?

    I've been with my GF for 2 months now - yes it's still quite fresh - but I can only wish I saw her every day.

    Do what's right for yourself and your partner - don't let anyone control what you guys have.

    • I don't want to take time apart. We work a lot as it is, with long hours and such. And I've been with my boyfriend for a month and 2 weeks now, so I'm still pretty early.

    • It felt right hanging out with him a lot until people kept telling me to slow it down.

    • Fuck those people, don't let them tell you what to do ... if you want to slow it down with him do it for yourself. not them.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I put B moderately.

    Personally I like daily contact as long as it's not obsessive and like "Are you there?" texts. I also am busy so I'd only have time to meet once a week unless the person fit into my day to day life.

    I don't see anything wrong with daily meeting but after a while, cutting down can prevent you from getting too close for comfort (like you're ready to pull out their hair).

  • Do whatever makes you comfortable, too much of seeing the same person all the time can ruin a good thing


What Girls Said 2

  • He's your bf and you and your boyfriend are the only ones that should be making decisions on the relationship. If you have people making them or telling you what you should be doing then they might as well not be with him at all.

  • Honestly, planning something like that out sounds too mechanical to sustain in a healthy relationship.