Help! Don't know what this dream I had means!! What does it mean when you have a dream about a guy you barely know? But like a lot?

So I had this dream the other night about this guy I work with. Now I know dreams could mean anything. But the moment I met this guy I had this thought come to mind "my dad would love you!" Every time him and I are at work and he's handing me a pizza or something we have this long eye contact and He holds it for like 10 seconds and then I look away and smile and walk away. But I've had this dream that we were dating. And I've barely talked to him.


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  • Omg! I've had dreams similar to yours! And I have always wondered if maybe that's a sign I need to get to know the guy better...but so far I haven't had any relationships with the random guy I'll dream of. So I don't know what this means but I would like to know too!

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