What type of guy is he? Urgent?

He is 28 and says he was an engineer before. He is quite good looking.

He recently stated that he landed a job as well and was working before he started acting.
But I found his story a bit doubtful. He said he got a job in a software development company after his degree but in between he got a role in a TV show while he was training for acting courses.

How can he train for acting courses when he was applying for jobs in the engineering field? And he said he went to another city for doing his engineering. Then how did this acting-engineering thing happen? He got a job as well but he said he left that to become a full time TV actor.

Then he always says he is a from a small village. He says that to everyone, in every interview. He further said he did not know how to speak English and his English was pretty weak.
He even said when someone asked him a question in English, he was unable to answer because he didn't understand.
He said he self taught himself by watching English channels and reading books. I can believe the books part but when a person cannot understand English how can he watch the channels?
Now he speaks fluent English and writes correct English as well.

He has done some 5 TV shows, 5 single episodic roles and 3 low budget movies in the span of 7 years.
He did not receive much notice or appreciation in these 6 years until last year when he entered a mythological show which is currently a rage among teenage group and was well liked by young female viewers.

He has worked in so many shows with so many beautiful female co actresses working as his on-screen wife or girlfriend but he never got involved with them romantically.
His colleagues say he is extremely professional and has very few friends on the sets as well, mostly the male co actors he has scenes with.

He seems intellectual. Likes to read books concentrate on his work and improving himself and likes to read and stay updated with the news. He is also is reserved.

Says he craves nothing in life and no place in the world is his favourite. Then he also told me he likes to stay indoors. His mother died many years ago. He seemed romantic. says he is passionate about acting and wants to be known as 1 of the best.
when asked the question define love in a magazine interview, he says no life is without life and love is everything.
He told me about his favourite song and movie which was a tragic love story (was a baseless movie in my opinion with too intimacy


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  • You seem to already know him very very well...


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  • It sounds like he's making up stories.

    I've known a lot of engineers and software developers. Not one of them was the acting type.

  • Sounds like me. I am a software engineer and I will do something other soon. I thought about journalism, but acting sounds interesting.

    Such people do exist, but they are rare indeed. Make him show his engineering degree and the TV shows he worked in, there is your truth.

    If he is anything like me, then he got hurt in his youth, retreated into the tech world and wanted to be more social and find a nice girl and went into acting.

    But it is possible.


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