Is liking someone for their looks mostly just not enough anymore?

This guy I have liked for a while. But a lot of times you can't get everything u want.
His voice does nothing for me. Sometimes I feel we don't have enough in common.
Different interests. Senses of humor. Energy levels. Backgrounds...
I'm sure I have things about me that he'd like more if they were different. But he's checked me out, etc many times.
But something about each other draws to each other. I don't know if it's enough tho.

  • its not enough.
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  • it is enough to start with. just try to get to know him better.
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  • Liking someone for their looks is never enough. If it was then a lot of people would be in a boring relationship. Two people could like each other physically but have major different taste in things. One could like Eminem while the other likes Tchaikovsky. One could love summer and hate winter while the other loves winter but hates summer.. One could prefer a cabin in the woods over the city while the other prefers the city over a cabin in the woods. If you have too many different interest it will not work out because you would not enjoy doing that much with him. If you two laugh at totally different things or like different types of humor then when one of you is laughing at something then the other may thing it is stupid. It seems like on the out side you are attracted to him but on the inside are worlds apart. If you can not stand his voice now and over time still can't then to me that is a huge deal breaker because it is not like he is going to stop verbally talking while you are around. Give it sometime and if you still feel you two are to far apart in interest, humor etc then move on without him.


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  • My gf and I have the same situation. Apart from loving each other to bits we have great sexual chemistry. But we are nowhere compatible in any other aspect lol which creates a lot of situations every week. Luckily I'm hot tempered but not short tempered so I laugh it off most times. But she gets livid with most things :D Everything you've described i.e. sense of humor, backgrounds, interests etc differs in us like north & south pole :D

    Attraction is one thing and a relationship is another.

    I know that if and when things go formal between my girl and me, it's going to be a living hell. While I'm capable of taking terminal and ruthless decisions (that affect me first but I can hold on to display of emotions) she remains a very sentimental and emotional being. It's not going to be easy eitherway i.e. being together or separating :)

    If you guys have the differences like this think multiple times before you engage each other :)

  • Love starts at physical attraction.

    The way I see it, these are the stages leading up to love.

    Attraction: Physical attraction.

    Infatuation: Beginning to like this person due to shared interests or the way they make you feel or them making you laugh or feel like your good friends with them.

    Puppy love: You're starting to think you might love this person. He loves the things you do, he's kind to you, you get along like best friends.

    Love: An intense version of puppy love.

    It's not enough if you want a relationship, but it's fine to just fuck like bunnies just because you find each other attractive. Nothing wrong with it; that's how humans are, really. We're programmed to fuck. Well. Guys are programmed to fuck a lot of girls, and chicks are programmed to find the "best" guy you possibly can. Either way, we're programmed to fuck a lot.

  • you have to be attracted to someone in order for their to be some sort of relationship. personality comes later


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  • You don't have to be physically attracted to someone to feel a connection. When you feel a certain something from someone that means that there's that old cliche spark everyone eventually talks about between you two. Get to know him more and eventually you find out what it is that draws you to him. It may not even be a relationship it may just be a great friendship but keep in mind that opposites to attract and it's true. I fell in love with a guy that I had nothing in common with, I didn't even find him attractive either let alone notice him. He just introduced himself one day, we hung out for a while, dated and became best friends and fell in love. When I fell for him is when I saw his appearance differently, I had never thought of him as attractive and then I started to notice that in my eyes he was perfect in every way I could imagine a male to be because I was in live with him.
    Try spending more time with him to know him thoroughly and see how you feel then, your feelings and perspective could change over time so take things slow to figure it out. Good luck.

    • If he's checked you out it also may be that he just want to hit it and nothing more...just throwing that out there..

    • No. I understand the just hit it. Sometimes he stares into my eyes too... I don't see him as before tho. He's tried to make conversation. Sometimes I avoided him cause he had a girlfriend. Cause the more I was.around him the more I liked him sometimes. Now he doesn't have a girlfriend. But there is more distance between us. So who knows.

    • I see, well you'll never know until you try but that's up to you and you should do what you feel is right and what you want.

  • I've been attracted to plenty of people that i found i had zero chemistry with, and I've become attracted to people because i liked their personality. looks certainly aren't everything, and theyre not enough to establish/build/sustain any sort of relationship.

  • Liking someone for their looks is NEVER enough. Looks are last priority for me and I think it helps build more fulfilling, fun, healthy relationships.

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