I'm 15 and every girl I've dated has left for another guy or friend zoned me I've never cheated or nothing bad I just want a good girlfriend?

I'm 15 I'm chubby some people say I'm to nice to my girlfriends but all I want is a girl who will treat me right


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  • Stop being too nice then.

    People don't value what comes too easily, and it sounds like your affections come free with a box of cereal.

    Put yourself first more often. Do what makes YOU happy, and stop trying all the time to do what makes HER happy.

    Stop, in essence, putting her on a pedestal and trying to service her. She's not a car, or a slavemaster.

    She wants a partner. A man who will take charge, be unafraid to take the lead in things. Does that sound like you? Or are you always waiting for her to decide what she'd like to do, and then mindlessly agreeing with her?


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  • Sounds like you're far too nice. Its ok to be nice but don't be nice enough to spoil the girl otherwise she'll get used to it and order you around. No offence. Also, try and think about yourself once in a while and take some bold actions/moves. At your age, most girls would like a guy who would take charge and the boys to make the first moves rather than the girl.

    Don't forget: It takes 2 to make a relationship work.

    With your personality, you'll find the right girl soon. I'm sure you'll be just fine in the future.


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  • So stop being nice. The only one who will ever treat you right is you. Other people are too busy treating themselves right to worry with you in the end.

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