Boys, do you prefer to confront via email or in person?

last time my guy is flirting to other woman in front of me, he took photos with the waitress and i think he doesn't know how he hurt me. we are long distance now should i tell him that i feel bad last time the way he act, i feel not respected by him. i do not want to have fight or arguments about it specially we are in long distance.


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  • Hello calirose, dig the nurse outfit.

    So the guy is showboating with the waittress huh? Well, I can see your point of view of not wanting to get in a fight. On the other hand, how long is this relationship going to go? Another year? Marriage?

    The bottom line is, unless you want him openly flirting and sidelining you for the rest of the relationship, you are going to need to deal with the issue and confront him.

    I do think confronting him in person is best, but video Skype is a better alternative somewhere between e-mail and meeting in person. He really needs to see the pained expression on your face, and hear the sadness in your voice, to understand the effect of what he did. A written letter might not convey that.

    • but it could not change anything... i could say it but no guarantee he will change its hard to tell we are long distance

    • Let's say that you say it and he completely ignores you and keeps doing it. What would you do?

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  • wouldn't you kind of have to do it via email. i mean, you're in the Philippines and he's in new york


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