Should I ask my boyfriend-ish guy to actually be my boyfriend?

We were friends for an year, then started a friends with benefits relationship and about 6 months into that we started acting like boyfriend/girlfriend. It's been an year now.

We now meet eachother's family, goon vacation together, spend everyday together without having sex, plan our days according to each other's schedule.

We keep telling each other things like I like you so much, I adore you, but ever I love you. We also keep quite a distance when we are with our friends. We act sweet and caring, we tease eachother and play, but we never have an actual boyfriend/girlfriend situation in front of our friends (like kissing): this means we act like it when we are with our families or in the street, but not when we are hanging out with friends.

This is the main reason why I still haven't asked him. I'm not sure if he wants to keep me hidden or if he expects me to make the first move.

I know most of his past relationships were quite f*cked up (one had a mental disorder, the other didn't care about him the least, another one told everybody that he sucked in bed after they broke up), but they were all ridiculously pretty and charismatic. I am the opposite of those girls, and sometimes I think he's just waiting for something better.

I am clueless.
What should I do?


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  • You bring it up and talk to him about your feelings.


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