I met this wonderful guy online but I am afraid to meet him because of my looks.?

Two days ago, I met this wonderful guy online (on a dating site). We hit it off right away and seemed very interested in eachother. He asked me for my number so that we can stay in contact, on whatsapp.

I am, however, not ready to meet him because I am self conscious. I am overweight (227 lbs, 103 kg) and I am afraid that he will be disappointed.

Guys, should I tell him right off the bat that I am overweight? (it says so on my profile too though)

I am currently on a diet and going to the gym too, so I am working on it.

Please, give me your opinions (dont be nasty though! I am aware of my problem and I am actively working on changing it)


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  • the worst gf i ever had was one i met online. yeah, she wasn't thin, but i personally wouldn't have cared. the problem is, she lied about it. she posted a fake picture to try and get people to like her, and while i was attracted to it, i wasn't attracted to the lie. just make sure you're posting YOUR picture, not your cousins

    • Dude, she catfished you!

    • nope. she's real, she just doesn't know what she wants

    • oh, right, wrong question, i just wrote an answer for something else, i thought it was a reply to that. yeah, i know, she catfished. me, that's why i dont online date anymore. it's just too creepy

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  • First of all I love that you're on a diet and going to the gym. You made a commitment to your body and that's awesome. now I think you should just go and meet him. like you said its already on your profile so he can't complain unless he dumb. and if you do feel a little self conscious now just know that you won't feel that way in 6 months to 1 year

  • just go and meet him.

  • If it says on your profile, then he knows already. Go meet him.

  • Don't be shy.
    Yes, tell him in advanced.
    And start doing sports.

    Guys like healthy girls, meaning not skinny and not fat.


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  • Doesn't he know how you look like?
    You have no photo of yourself?

    • If he actually read your profile, there should be no surprises.
      If he doesn't have a photo of you, send him beforehand and see how he reacts.

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    • Well you can usually tell by someones face, if they are thin , medium sized or overweight.
      I'm sure he can tell.
      Just wear one of your best outfits when you meet with him and style your hair.
      We all just nervous when we are meeting someone for the first time.
      You might be surprised at how well it goes.

    • If you feel that insecure you can even try to be slick,
      "So, what is your favorite thing about big girls?"
      See how he responses.

  • If it's on your profile, he should have read and seen it. Try not to worry about it! Just be confident, and he'll notice that before anything.

  • Don`t worry you have nothing to lose by meeting him. If it is on your profile I am sure that he already knows too.