Would you Black guys go out with a white girl?

I would like to know what you guys think.
Would you be willing to love her or would you just dis her?


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  • There's good guys and bad guys in all races. I liked this black guy at college and there was a lot of staring/smiling/flirting going on before he asked me out but he turned into a complete jerk with no respect for women. Having said that I've met some really lovely black guys and they tend to like white women as much as their own race from what I've seen. If you're a classy lady you'll attract the right time of men, whatever colour :)


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  • yep I would. I'm engaged to a person of the paler comlpexion

    • Nice euphemism :D

    • haha read a book where the author would refer to races of as a members of the darker or paler nation... thought it was funny and sounded a little nicer

  • Hahaha are you kidding? Black guys love white girls if you are cute you won't have a problem.


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