Should I ask her to hangout sometime?

Hey I got this girl's number and I like her, we don't see each other so I don't have a way to ask in person, I was just wondering if I should ask her to hangout, I don't know if a date is too formal as we are 17

any help appreciated :)

I've never asked a girl to hangout/ on a date so sorry if this is a dumb question :)


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  • Well, im a girl and this isn't really a hard one.
    Of course you should ask her out. Formally is not the best if it's the first time you're together, it can be a little too much.
    Just ask her in a nice way, if she would like to get together someday.
    I've tried being asked out many times, and if i wasn't interested i just nicely decline.

    Write her text like this:
    "Hi (her name). I was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime?"

    You could go for icecream, smoothies, go to the movies or just to a café.
    Do something.
    Hanging out all alone can be awkward if the chemestry is not there.
    Good luck :)

    • Yeah I know what you mean, we have no mutual friends though so its tough

    • Yeah i see what you mean! Me and my boyfriend have neither, but we started seeing eachother, hanging out and texting a lot. It really depends on how the chemestry between you two is. If you dont ask her out, you'll probably always wonder if there could've been something between you.

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  • of course XD at the cinema, or to play paintball. don't make it too big ^-^


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  • its ok to date at 17. you should call her and ask her out since you don't see each other on a daily basis. but don't text it, call her so that she doesn't have an easy way to reject you, worst case scenario. most likely she'll say yes though. make sure you have a date plan though lol. prepare ahead of time before you make the call.

    • Yeah, for sure :)
      I've just never heard of people going on dates my age is all.
      How long should I wait before asking her out?

    • well if there's anything I know about girls is that they don't like to wait around, ESPECIALLY if they're into you. so don't wait too long if you already know she's vibing on you. a lot of 17 year old went out during my time, it was simple stuff like movies or spectrums or beach. things that weren't costly.