Should I believe him when he tells me this?

My bf and i have only been dating 10 months and we live together. We have talked about marriage and kids for in the future. Last night I asked if he means what he says because sometimes he can be a jerk and sometimes he is sweet and loving. His brother and dad are the same way so not sure if it just runs in the family. Last week he was being all loving say in i was beautiful and say I love you more then he normally does. Then this week he hadn't been like that. He said it's because he is tired and crabby. I asked why when he is drunk he says different things from when he's sober. For example he sometimes acts diff in front of his friends and if they ask when we r gonna have kids or get married he doesn't say anything. I asked why he's like that and he said it's because they don't need to know. Then when I told him that last night he said he didn't say that. And I said well u were drunk when u did and he's like yeah I was drunk. Does he not mean it or what? He said us getting married will happen within 5 years. I don't know what to believe. Then I asked when he realized he wanted to be with me and when he was drunk one time he said 2 months ago which we were dating for 8 months then. And last night he said after we were dating for 2 months. I asked why he says different things from when he's sober and drunk. He said I prob meant 2 months after we were dating when he said the 8 months. Then I asked how he knew and he just said he felt it in his heart. Then I told him he was my everything n he said I was his too. I'm just worried he's gonna leave me because I love him and haven't been this happy for awjile. He always tells me he isn't gonna leave me and he wants to be together forever..should I believe him?

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  • You should believe him.
    When someone is drunk you can't really expect them to think clearly, so he probabily did meant 2 months after you were dating.
    And it's normal that guys don't want to talk about kids and marriage in front of his friends. Probabily he thinks they will make fun of him or, you know, it's just not "guy's stuff". It doesn't mean he doesn't wanna do all those things with you :)
    About mood changes, it's completly normal. I have a lot of mood changes and sometimes I am really sweet and loving and other times I'm just not in the mood for romantic stuff, but it doesn't mean I love the other person any least in those days. Living with a person means you will see the best and the worst of him, including the "jerk" days.
    All can g wrong, you can never get to marry neither have kids. It's true.
    But you can't live in the fear of him leaving, you have to trust his words or you will end up ruining your relationship because of your insecurities. Love is about trust, and you gotta give him yours. That's what a relationship is about. If you're happy, just let yourself go. Wish you guys the best :)

  • Never trust anyone fully, that's what I say.