My friend found out I like a girl, should I tell the girl?

my friend found out I liked a girl, I thought that if I brought it up it in a convo with her it would lead into the topic of relationships is this a good idea?


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  • Well, yeah you two can be more open with each other.

    As long as she doesn't like you in that way, I don't see how this could be a bad thing.

    • she said she liked me in the past but we recently started talking after a while, would those feelings still be there?

    • Its very possible.
      If she starts acting strange when you speak about other girls, or becomes a little distance it's probably because she still likes you.
      (Won't bring you closer).

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  • The only way it can lead to a relationship, is if she feels the same, and you asking her to be your gf.


    • People seem to think she feels the same, do you know how I could tell for sure?

    • Its in body language and what they verbalize

  • depends if you think she might have slight feelings about you. would she ever think about you asking her out? have you had a real conversation with her?

  • Yes I think that if you like her that you should let her know how you feel about her.


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