He likes me but he doesn't want a relationship. ?

So I've been talking to a guy for almost 4 months now and I really like him but his friends told me he liked me back but he doesn't want a relationship... what should I do?
I'm 17 and he's 18


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  • I would run far away from that. Because if a guy really likes you then they would take that next step to get in a relationship with you after 4 months. It sounds like he just wants someone to be there to fullfill his needs right now till something better comes along. Being 17 you could get anyone you want because you have your whole future ahead of you. Just go out and have fun and if you really like him just go out and do your thing and when he is ready he will come to you if he ever does fully come to you


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  • Most likely he's got someone else in his mind at the moment and even though he likes you he can't help his feelings. I'd say go away from that you'd just get hurt especially if he ends up choosing someone else over you

  • He doesn't really like you and only wants sex