How do I know when a guy likes me?

What signs do guys give when they like a girl? Guys!: what types of things do girls do that shows you they like you? I really like this guy and we are friends, what should I do to show him I like him?


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  • he'll do everything he can, to be around you

    if he's not around you, he doesn't like you


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  • when i like a girl i stare at her a lot and can't stop but without her knowledge, if a girl likes/loves me she will approach and talk to me and she'll constantly be with me and she'll tell me her feelings about me and maybe she'll hug me a lot and the more she likes/loves me the longer the hugs than they will eventually turn to kissing too than if all goes well eventually to touching and than sex, thats how its supposed to work, guys aren't supposed to make the first moves its the girl who is supposed to make all the first moves


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