When can I know its exclusive without asking?

I am really into this guy I have been dating for the past 2-1/2 months. He is sweet, a goofball and has a good head on his shoulders. Some signs the past couple of days have led me to believe that he thinks of this relationship as serious. The other day he let me know that him and some of his buddies are going out on Saturday to celebrate a birthday. Don't guys usually volunteer that info with a "girlfriend" or someone he wants to be serious with? Also the other night during a sleepover, I was getting very warm and started sweating while sleeping. He noticed this so the next morning we went and bought a fan so I wouldn't be so sweaty. While picking the fan, he said which one should WE get. He WE'd us. Is this a sign he might want more? I don't want to bring the topic up too soon. Things are good now don't want to ruin it by saying anything.


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  • "exclusive" refers to whether or not he is dating or hooking with any other people or not.

    All the things you mentioned are good signs of a guy being into you and a relationship but are no indication of whether or not he is hooking up or dating other people.

    • Well the majority of his and my free time is spent with each other. Or else he tells me what he is doing. He doesn't hide anything from me.

    • ok but that isn't explicit exclusivity. you really just should ask him or tell him you want to be exclusive

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  • The only way you can know is by asking.

  • just ask if he's seeing somebody else and that you would like to know if he starts. you guys are a little late to the game to settle down and he's likely past that stage of his life of wanting too. i wouldn't pressure him because https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-icuakaLS-A
    you're best bet is to just ask and take the guess work out. I've had a friends with benefits help me decorate my apartment. thats a very coupleish thing to do but i was never going to give that to her.

    • I don't think its a friends with benefits thing. We don't always have sex and he thoroughly enjoys spending time with me. He is very affectionate, cuddles with me...FWB don't seem to be like that from past experience

    • i am like that with mine. just because im not going to commit doesn't mean i dont have love for a person. friends is in the word after all

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