What's going on? Whys he playing mind games?

He's the sweetest most loving guy. Maybe I'm just being harsh but i need to get this out there. I'm the type of girl who was raised by men so I don't like little mind tricks or guessing games. If I'm mad or have something on my mind I will tell you straight up how I feel simple as that. Lately my boyfriend has seemed very clingy and needy. He constantly texts or calls me. If I tell him I'm busy or doing something he pouts and tries to make me feel guilty. He also keeps complimenting me, but sometimes it feels like he trying to make a jab. Ex: him: what's that on your face? *points to zit* me:uh it's a zit? Him: oh I didn't know that. I don't care if you have a zit it's fine with me.
Another ex: him:you always wear that same bracelet I need to buy you some. Me: thanks but I have others this is just my fav so I happen to wear it a lot.
Stuff like that he's being sweet but with a jab.
I love to joke and don't get offended easily and he knows that. But lately he will make a joke, I'll think its funny and laugh/play along with it. And he will randomly get serious and say "I was just joking can I not joke sorry" without me even acting offended!
The other day HE asked ME if I wanted to see a movie and I told him I'd ask my mom. He gave me 2 options to see. One was sappy the other was action. I said "we can watch the action movie it looks good" but he hinted that he wanted to watch the sappy so I said that was fine too. After we watch the movie we went to see friends and he told everyone i drug him to the movie and he wasn't interested in it. Wth?
He wanted to go to the park another day and I was busy so I said I couldn't make it. The whole damned time he was there he was texting me telling me how much fun he was having and how so many people were there. I was glad he was enjoying himself! But it's like he wanted me to be mad he was there.
Also he doesn't tell me what he wants but if I can't read his mind he gets upset.
This is all starting to get tiring.


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  • I think it some kind of swap in the roles of your relationship. He being the 'girl' and vise versa. Hehe. Try to think in his boots. If you really like him, try not to get tired and you can settle it by opening it to him since you don't like mind games.


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