He's possibly into me? How to proceed?

I'm a grad student, working a summer job in a fancy restaurant. Last Friday I served a really cute engineer, and his friend. One of them stuck around after, and I asked for his number, figured I had nothing to loose.

We texted a lot. He made a joke about an online site we were both on. I told him I am bashful about being on the site and delete my profile a lot because of the creepy messages.

After a few days of casual texting, we agreed to have brunch on Sunday. We really hit it off! But I think he's kinda shy. He told me that he was impressed I made the first move (asking for a number to me is nothing, in person trying for a kiss is SO MUCH scarier). He also told me he spilled beer on his phone and was going to be away for a few weeks for work.

After a few hours of him laughing at my bad jokes, blushing when I acted flirty. We parted, he hugged me insisted we had to go out again when he got back. I logged into the dating site again when I got back to thank him (sense he didn't have a phone). He wound up giving me his e-mail address to correspond on their. I deleted my profile again.

Just out of curiosity I logged into the dating site last night. He still has his profile, which is fine. We had one date. I honestly don't care. I just have never met anyone off of there, and I think this could be something (if I am wrong I'll probably get it back again). Also he openly told me he wants a relationship.

I have had one date with this guy which did not end with a kiss, I can only e-mail him for two weeks. But he had a 'great time' and said at least twice that 'we have to do something with he's back'. We have plans to take his dog for a hike when he's back.

I have two questions...I think he's really shy, should I be flirty in these e-mails?

When I see him again, should I try and kiss him? Truthfully, I wish we kissed the first time, because I am hoping this will be romantic. But I was ssoooo nervous...


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  • You need to flirt with him more on your e-mails since he is a shy guy, shy guys are better when they flirt on PC since they have time to respond and don't panic and yes, you should probably kiss him if you like him, its pretty obvious he likes you to.


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  • Be flirty in your emails and kiss the guy. He is definitely into you.


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  • Don't be the initiator of everything. Shy or not a guy that is into a girl WILL make the first move. Let him SHOW you he's into you, and don't use his shyness as an excuse anymore.

    • Also no need to go out of your way to be flirty, just think of it as reminding him you're interested. Get a date written in stone for when he gets back, if he's out 2 weeks by the second week have a date set.

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