Telling her im looking forward to seeing her a day before our 3rd date?

What should i focus on since its our 3rd date and its going to be at a carnival? Help is appreciated.


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  • Do you know if she has any interests? Bringing something or doing something in relation to something you she told you she liked might touch her :)

    • She likes poetry, but she's never told anyone besides me and also she likes sports but we are going to be at a carnival as i said above

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    • Well, the ferris wheel is the traditional spot, and the fireworks are a good idea too. Do both :p
      I don't have a first-date, second-date and third-date checklist, personally, so my best advice would be not to plan too much on the 'love' part of the date; that should depend on your state of mind at the moment. 'Plan it' as if you were going to the carnival with a friend, and then add the love spice once you're there. It'll feel more natural for both of you :)

    • Ahh i see now i can't help but be a little nervous lol but thanks for the advice :)

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