My ex gf is confusing me. Need some advice (girls prefer), what do you think?

. Yesterday my ex and I were hanging out, she regularly contacts me, and we have to started to see each other a lot. Her sis told me that she wants me in a relationship but not right now, and that we have amazing sex. Why won't my ex tell me this in person (why?).

Last night, when I was dropping her off after our date, she said "I am hanging out with you because it feels right, and I feel like things can work themselves out, but im still hurt and can take you in small doses, but I am going to beat to my own drum for awhile" (I know she talks to guys, but its not anything serious I assume). She also keeps suggesting that I dont invest 100% to her and she suggests I hang out with other girls. (which confuses me). Girls advice please.

(I never cheated on her, I broke up with her because of a bad arguement, we were together for 3 years)


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  • I honestly think that she won't tell you because she's just unsure right now. I really do think she still has feelings for you but she's just not sure if the time is right, if the feelings are true i guess so she doesn't want to act on it and risk breaking your heart or hers, or maybe she's just scared you might break up with her again. I also think that her suggesting you to talk to other girls could be a test to see if you're still into her and only her so don't fall for it ;) At the same time id do a little undercover work, very LOW KEY, and find out about these "boys" she's talking about and make sure that she's JUST talking to them, no funny business, therefore you're not wasting your time, energy, and emotions. So all in all I think you should stick around, three years is a long time so she's worth trying for especially if she's showing some efforts of her wanting to reconnect as well. Hope I helped and everything works out for the best :) Goodluck !


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