This guy is in south Africa after he went for three years but is coming back next year asked me on a date is he just saying this or does he want too?

I've known him since primary school. We went to the same high school for like 2 years but he went with his family back to where he's from south Africa my familys also from there. (Caucasian if you want to know) We used to be good friends back then but lost touch for a couple of years whilst he was out there. We recently added each other on Facebook but didn't talk, until the other day. he randomly started talking to me and asked if I had whatsapp I said yes and he added me. We've been talking for a couple of days now and he said if he came back to the UK would I go on a date with him I said yes thinking that he wasn't. So I asked if he was and he said yes so I was really happy and he said to me that we will definitely go on a date when he comes back. I really like him, secretly always have. He's about to turn 17 and me 16 but I don't know what to do is he just saying he wants to go on a date with me or does he actually? He also asked me to meet him at the airport when he comes back I said yes because we used to be such good mates it will be great to see him anyway. But id like to know what you think about this situation and if I should go on the date or not. Also im a virgin and he isn't he's a bit of a player but when I asked if he still was a player he said no, I know what I want now someone I can love and someone who can love me. Do you think he's changed and really wants me or im just some thing to pass the time? Thanks guys really apreciate it! Xoxox

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  • It's a safe be that if you like him he likes you. He has established contact with you, asked you to meet him at the airport, and wants to go on a date. You should follow your feelings in the matter as your friendship develops further. You are looking for too much certainty at this point, especially after his absence for awhile.

    Be there to welcome him back to the UK, since you say you like him, and continue your friendship as if he had been gone only a few days. Such doubts as you describe could bring the whole relationship down should you let your imagination go wild. Optimism has a place here because he wants to see you again. Isn't that enough to satisfy you for the moment?

    So chill out and greet him with a big smile and a hug. You will have lots to talk about.


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