Why did my male coworker get mad?

this male coworker was hired a few months ago, I remembered he would always exclude me from group conversation (we are all like a family at work) from the very beginning. he would actually act like if i wasn't there conversing too. We have talked only once, that time i was coming into the break room and he was the only one there, as soon as he saw he made an expression kinda like "ohh she..." I wanted to grabbed coffee so i came over and i asked him how was his training.. he was nice and told me all about his trip...and that was it. He is very friendly and outgoing with everyone. I have noticed that he purposely ignores my presence. He makes an effort to not look at me or to not look at my direction. If we happen to be in the same room he makes a huge effort to act as if i did not exist. The other day i started to walked in front of him, so he started to act desperate to get out of my way, he always trips over me. Yesterday, i was walking behind him, he open the door, went through and then let go the door...he knew i was behind. A couple of weeks ago we had an important meeting. Every single person had turn to stand up and introduce themselves...answer a few questions about themselves, but when my turn came around he started looking away and around like if i wasn't talking. i have been thinking that he dislikes me so i decided to ignore him. Yesterday, i walked into the break room and he was there with one of my dearest friend. so i said out loud for everyone. I got closer to my friend and i kinda got the impression that he wanted to speak with me, but i had already decided not to talk to him. As soon as he realized that i wasn't talking to him but to my friend he got extremely pissed off and walked out of the break room.
what do you guys think?
Just as a reference he has a gf. I would not date him.


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  • It could be a lot of things. Honestly you should just flat out ask what his deal is. Why is he making those faces, why is he being rude only to you, why is he ignoring you, why he looks so uncomfortable while near you. Just ask what's his deal