Any suggestions on what I should do with my crush? If I should wait to see what happens?

So my crush and I have been seeing each other for almost two months now. Everything has been amazing ever since our first date. He told me in the beginning that he wants to show me off to everyone he knows because he thinks im amazing. I met all his close friends and his roommates. We hang out about twice a week depending on our work schedule because we both are super busy.

He isn't much of a texter or even a phone person I should say. So we don't text much as I would like too, but I guess its okay. Anyway after the forth date, he told me that "I might be the girl he's willing to get into a relationship with." Of course I just smiled and was happy. But that still hasn't happened.

So last weekend we went out with his friends to go to a couple of bars after we hung out at his buddies. My crush was a little drunk but it was whatever. He was getting hit on by this girl and I was just pretending it wasn't bothering me that i was getting ignored by him, so i just talked to one of his friends. When we were leaving that bar to go another one, he came up behind me and picked me up and kissed me and held my hand. Like we were a couple.

That night we got asked by two different people if we were in a relationship and he could't answer that. He told them that it was in the middle... So when we got back to his place we talked about it and he asked me what I would say if someone asked me if I was with someone, and I said "I would say Im seeing somebody. wouldn't you say that?" He replied "uhh I don't know, yeah I guess."

The next day he took me to meet his parents and It was a fun time, he told me that his mom likes me and hopes to see me again.

So now I dont know what to think... I mean when we are with each other we act like boyfriend and girlfriend, we show PDA and his roommates think I'm a keeper. But at the same time, I don't want to waste my time.

Should I ask him about it and see what happens? Or should I wait a little longer? Is he a player?


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  • I don't blame you for not wanting to waste your time. I would ask him what are you guys, Boyfriend & Girlfriend, Friends with benefits? Its ovbious that he doesn't see you as a girlfriend and maybe somebody he's seeing either becuase how he answered people in public on if you two were couples. its almost like you two are just kicking it together and doing PDA. I dont see anything wrong with you asking him. Tell him that you would like to know and dont want to waste your time, if he cares about you, then he will talk to u about it. He may be not ready to be official and he just wants to date around. I've noticed that what a woman may think a realationship is may not be what he's thinking, so talk to him so you two can be on the same page. As he ever talked about if he's dating anyone else, while dating you?

    • No he hasnt. I mean i have asked him in the past if he was a player because we were playing 21 questions. And he told me "I know your not asking me that question" and I'm like but I am so answer it and he just same the same thing. I mean it doesn't seem like he's seeing anybody by the hours he works and just when we hang out together he makes sure I'm cared for. But he could just be playing it well.

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    • Ha so we talked about it last night actually. So he told me he was scared of commitment because of previous relationships. So I asked him if we should just end it now then before we go any further. He said no because he likes me a lot and he doesn't want to date anyone else besides me. So I was like so then what are we and he goes "we are exclusive to where we both won't see other people, just to take one step at a time and see where it goes."

      So I kinda just left it at that...I mean does that right?

    • Yes thats good, he told he was afraid cuz of past relationships and you guys are exclusive. He finally told you why he was acting the way he's acting. You needed to know what you guys are and now u guys can take one step at a time. :) I glad you asked, way to go girl. :)