How can you tell if a guy is flirting/crushing on you?

Guys I seriously need you help like SOS!! Lol 😂 even girls too I'll take any help I can get.


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  • Yeah. The human attraction convention is fairly ridiculous.

    Tentative eye contact. Most dudes are nervous about staring their love interest in the eye (thus, the look from accross the room, then looking away when you catch him). If he isn't interested, he won't be shy about making eye contact and will be more casual. Though, some really confident guys aren't nervous about staring you in the eye.

    He'll dress better or be more concerned about his appearance if he's into someone.

    He'll look for ways to be around you.

    His eyes (yeah, lots of eye stuff) will dilate a bit when he sees you.

    He'll laugh often at your jokes.

    He'll smile a lot (again, look for more than normal people would). It'll be more of a warm smile. You should be able to tell.

    He might do crazy things to get your attention. Or just try to get your attention somehow.

    You might see him posture up with his shoulders back a bit, chest thrust out and just standing more straightly. Dude's usually slouch--in general--so if he's trying to make himself look bigger or stronger in front of you, it could be because he wants you to see him in a more masculine way.


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  • There is no absolute method to always be sure. Depending on the crowd you find yourselves most in (work, school etc), if he acts slightly differently towards you when you two are alone versus when you two are with others, then there is a strong possibility.

  • Hey beautiful. Well, if the guy is smiling a lot and making eye contact it's obviously a good sign. But more important than telling if the guy is flirting with you is to flirt first. Don't wait on a guy to crush on you, do things that will make the guy crush on you if the potential is there. Assume crushing and flirting is on the table and act accordingly. Do it up!


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  • They will find reasons to hang out with you or talk to you.
    They will text
    Mostly for me anyway if a guy likes me and I like him we will basically always be kissing or cuddling or even hugging.
    You can usually tell. Has he made any moves on you?