If someone you were casually seeing mislead you, would you call them out on it or just stop talking to the person?

I just found out that a guy I've been seeing misled me about his availability, and in result we couldn't see each other his last night in town. He's texting me now, should I call him out on it or just not answer?

  • Call him out, see what he has to say
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  • Don't answer, it's not worth it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd probably just stop talking to him. It depends on what he did and how I know.

    Can you go into more detail?

    • Thank you for answering! He lives about 2 hourse from me, but he's moving back in with his parents after graduating college, about 4 hours away. I was going to visit him, but due to schedule conflicts, I could only visit Tuesday-Wed. We planned on it, but then he said he had to leave Wednesday, so I couldn't see him. He's texting me now, and he's saying that he actually leaving tomorrow morning. He really made it sound like he had to leave Wednesday, but he clearly didn't. If he'd said Thurs. morning was an option, I would've been able to see him.

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    • Thanks for MH :)

    • You're welcome! Thanks for the good advice! :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • In your situation, you need to call him out. He shouldn't be someone in your life that is basically lying to you like that!

    • Thank you for answering, I think I'm going to. It just sucks :/

  • I wouldn't call him out, I'd just ignore him, give him the boot and carry on as usual. Calling him out will make you look needy and weak. #

    Always protect your dignity and pride.


What Girls Said 2

  • If you call him out on it, you're showing him how much it bothers you. Do you want to let him know how interested you are in him or not?

    If you don't answer, you will never know why. And that might cause some miscommunication.

    If you don't bring it up, he will most likely do it again and think its okay to because you never let him know it bothered you.

  • is it possible he's texting you while doing whatever it was that made him unavailable?

    • Thank you for answering! No, he basically said that he couldn't be where I would be able to see him, but now he's still there and he went out with friends. Hopefully that made sense haha.

    • Oh I see what you mean. How did you end up finding out that he was there? Since you said it was his "last night in town," I'd probably just let it go and move on from him.

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