What does she mean by take it slow?

I've dated my current gf for over a month now. We previously dated for over 6 months with a few months and we dated a bit. But since coming back together for this month we've discussed about being together and she drops the "take things slow" line. Having sex regularly and spent about the whole month together. She's a cuddler. So I need so input from women please.

She brought up dreaming about marriage and kids with me. I confessed to feeling the same way and thought I'd embrace the idea. Now I've spent the last month with her over break and am in college a state away. But I come down whenever I'm off.
She's saying like let's get together fri say and sun. Is this normal?


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  • Have you asked about what she means? What was the conversation about that you two were talking about when she said that. Im trying to figure out what she means and maybe through you telling me what the conversation was about I can help. :)

    • Sorry posted to update

    • Its interesting that she's talks about how she dreams and thinks about getting married and having kids with you, but on the other hand says she wants to take things slow. I would ask her what she means by taking it slow. It sounds like you guys are taking every opportunity to get a chance to get together. I think thats normal for a realtionship but I think also having little time apart is good too, so your not always on top of each other. But then again, I mean you are in another state so she doesn't see you often, so your situations is different. Yeah, Just ask what her defintion is of taking it slow, so you can see what actually she's talking about. By her explaining it to you, hopefully it will help. :)

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