My boyfriend isn't calling or texting me back!

I'm dating this guy and he is amazing. We have the greatest times together and go on many "adventures". Though we haven't been dating or even known each other for a long time (known each other for about 2 months, dating for about 3 weeks) we have gone through hard times and fun times together.

We had a "thing" together for 2 weeks before we started dating and when we are together he always says the nicest things to me like: "You are the prettiest girl in the room" "I haven't cared about someone as much as you since I moved to the USA" (Hes from Austraila) "I'm so lucky I have you" "I would fall off the earth if you were not here to stop me"...etc

But, I haven't seen my boyfriend in 4 days now, we have hardly talked since then, and he hasn't answered my texted in 2 days. Plus, the last time he texted me (3 days ago) was one texted message and he didn't responded to the one I sent back.

To add more problems to the mix, I heard from his best friend that he was in a knife fight the other day with a guy I once had a thing with (also known as his old best friend) it wasn't about me, they have always had a love-hate thing and something else triggered the fight. No one was hurt because other friends stepped in to stop the fight.

He is also 2 years younger than me if that adds anything to this.

My question is, why would my boyfriend when avoiding my calls a texted? Is it because he doesn't have the time to be talking to me right now? He doesn't want me around the fighting? Or he is just not into me anymore?

Please help me out!

P.S sorry this is such a long story.


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  • Ok. Calm down, relax and breathe. I'm sure all is fine. He probably is just wanting some time to him self right now and may want some time to think.

    Just leave it a few days before txting or calling him again, give him some space and show him that you can be strong and independant. Go out and have some fun with your friends and keep your self busy. Guys like a girl who can be strong and independant, they like to have space and prefer a girl who keeps contact to a minimum.

    At such an early stage contact everyother day and spending time together once or twice a week max is plenty. It is important that you still have time for your friends and time apart to do your own thing and have a chance to miss each other.

    I have the feeling that he may have also got freaked out by the amount of txts and calls that you have done and he has not said anything because he does not want to upset you. If he likes you like he says then he will be in contact and will appreciate the space. If not then you are not meant to be and it is nothing to worry about. You are still extremly young and have plenty of time ahead of you for boys. Just enjoy being yiung free and single, have fun with your friends.