Why do guys do this all the time to girls?

So why do guys just stop texting and talking with a girl and make them wonder what's going on between them?

  • To be polite and not hurt her
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  • Just can't be bothered and move on
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  • Because I don't care to tell her why
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  • Just cause
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  • All of the above
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  • I don't want to tell a girl she's not good enough for me, because frankly, she's probably a great person and ruining a person's confidence for no reason isn't my cup of tea. I'd rather have her assume I'm a bad person and she's fine.

    • I can see where your coming from but still I'd rather know instead of it playing with my head

    • True. Just I told a girl once and the look on her face...she was so happy and then went crashing down that was just horrible.

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  • I met a hong kong chinese girl online, We live very far, and when i text her 1 day, she would find me on the next day, text, text, text me and I know it's not going to happen. We couldn't hang out, have fun because of distance problem. But I do, like her though.

  • Because silence is easier than telling them that they're not interested... cowardice, absolutely... but... still true

    • Yeah I just think it would be better to know why to move on quicker :)

  • I voted all, because it depends on the situation

  • because the girl stops contacting so the guy takes it as she's done with him and trust me its happened to me a lot, girls all of a sudden lose interest and there's nothing a guy can do about it


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