Is he a slow fader? some instinct to tell me, maybe it is the last time I should stop?
Please see this post first.
The thing went wried after the above thing happen.
He explained me he just want to make out, did not expect have sex with me that night. I told him I misunderstood, asked him 'are we good'. he said yah.

But since next day his behavior is weird, I used to think if he won't contact me and asked me out any more, then I know what kind of guy he is.Next day he texted me, said some random things, I was waiting, but he just talked about himself, never mention he wanted to asked me out, when I asked him what did he have for dinner, he said he will dine out with his friend (a guy). oh, ok, so I stopped, the midnight of that day, he messaged me to ask me go for movie next day which we planed before, I said ok next day morning. we went for movie, but he never asked me if I had dinner, so i have to buy popcorn and soft pretzels in the cinema as dinner myself, this time he never looked at me, and never did physical intimacy, even held my hands, he stayed for a while in my apt, until I leaned my head on his shoulder, held his hands, then he just changed to normal mode, when he went home, he cuddled with me, and kissed my cheek, said 'I love u'. I was a bit shocked, because he is the guy who told me he was forced to say 'I like u'.

The third day is pretty same, text less , we used Facebook messenger, I can tell he had seen my message, but did not reply me, after 2 hours, he was active online, and after 3 hours, he replied me, and when it is close to the end of day, he asked me go to grocery in the evening, but until 10pm, texted me he is too tired, too much work to do.(i do not want to be sensitive, but I know what his job is).

I was so sad though I told myself I do not like him that much. I guess it is the sign he wants to be slow fader? I really want to stop reply his text and asking out

I know I cannot change the fact, but is it better if I leave first (at least it looks like)


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  • It is better you leave first and end it. You have to do what's best for you.


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