Is he dating others or am I paranoid?

I've been dating this guy for two weeks and spent the whole last weekend with him (incl. 3 nights). When we're together, he's borderline obsessed with me - he shows every sign that he's really into me, he even invited me to spend the summer vacation with him.

When we were about to sleep together for the first time, I tried to bring up exclusivity - and he said "don't worry, I tested myself recently"...and things happened too quickly that I didn't really manage to finish what I was gonna say.

Yesterday we planned a date for today - he asked where and when to be there (he wanted to do something I wanted to do this time). Today he texts me and says he has to work til 9 pm (weird that he knows the exact time when he controls his own work hours..)...he texts me this while he is signed into the dating site we met on... is he dating others or am I paranoid? (we'll probably still see each other today, just quite a bit later than anticipated...)


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  • I am in the same position. I met a guy off a dating site and we've been dating for 2 months he still has the dating app and I know he still goes on it. He's spent the weekend at my house and it was great. I think you should just go with the flow and see what happens. he's still single so he's free to do whatever he wants. Just continue to enjoy his company and try not to over think the way I am now lol

    • omg you have some patience! haha after 2 months I'd be going nuts!

    • haha I dont want to rush it. I like the way things are going now. He goes out but texts me while he's out partying. He spent his birthday with me we went out for dinner and he really was really happy. He told me that he "really really likes me" What should I do

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  • You guys are not in a relationship so he's free to date. I think he's dating others.