What should I do about this long distance situation?

I had a long talk with my long distance boyfriend. I told him I would like for him to contact me more, would he try make more effort, he said yes. We talked Sun and Mon, I ask him why do I always have to call or text all of a sudden, he replys because I am always to busy or tired, but Mon around 10:00 am he sends me a text message, we talk until 2:00 PM on and off. Now it's Thurs, haven't heard nothing for 2 days so far, he said he.'a working hard and was tired even though he had been at work, since 7:30 am on Mon morning. Should I text or call? Or should I give him space and time to contact me. Then a week went by once before and I ask when I reach him is he still my boyfriend, he said yes I am and then I said are you sure, he goes I am sure, so I left it at that. But one thing I notice is that he hadn't been on his Facebook and his cellphone since last time we talked.


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  • Maybe he really is busy :) my bf and I of 4 years were doing long distance for 9 months because he had to move. But we had issues like this as well. The fact that he hasn't been on his fb seems legit that he's always busy, I'd be more upset at the fact if he were on fb constantly rather than taking the time to call you or text you.

    Go on a website and deliver him something nice, you can add a little note card with it saying whatever youd like :) i did this when my bf and I were having issues and it made it better and we both put in more effort.

    • Yes, at least he is not online while I think he will text me, but there were times when I would send a text and see he would over look mines and talk to other people, never respond to me. I love him and care for him, just don't know how I should respond. Should I just let him hit me up or should I text him? We don't call one another because, he mess up phone. When we do try talk its a bunch of static coming on phone.

    • I think he just need so open up more to you, if he doesn't do that it makes the relationship ship twice as harder since the long distance is hard enough. You need to step up and tell him how it is, if he's going through issues he shouldn't be ignoring you he should talk to you about them. If he doesn't wanna do that then mayve having a gf shouldn't be on his list right now if he needs time to himself.
      No matter how much you love him, you might just need to give him space...since that's what seems like he's trying to do.

    • I did I said I love you, care for you and would like us to work things out. Don't leave me in the dark about whatever it is let's talk, so he has not respond yet but was on mobile web. All I did was send him a funny image joke to see if he was ignoring me on purpose and I see he read the pic mail but didn't respond. He has not change is voicemail, Facebook password or online pin code to his phone either. So it looks like he wants me to chase him, allow him to do whatever and still keep tabs on me though. I really just think he's unhappy with something up there in Fl and trying to take his problems out on me but see's I am still happy and that he can't make me miserable like himself.

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  • If he keeps on saying that he's busy, it can probably be other stuff, but it can also depend on how he is. If he's honest a lot and you really really like him, I guess you could go for a long relationship. If it's the reverse, I suggest you to talk to him and maybe "seperate" while he's gone. (Long distance relationships usually doesn't work that well)

    • His mother has PTSD, Asmia, Sugar Diabetes and her Cancer had come back. But right after he got there, we would talk all the time and even sometimes before bed. So that wasn't a problem. Now it's less and less, days without talking and sometimes a while without responses. I wanna text him now or send a funny pic, but not sure if I should. Don't wanna be ignored or not respond too. He knows I love him but don't know what his problem really is

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  • If his devoted on your LDR status he will do lots of effort to talk to you even though he's tired and everything. Try asking him if he want space and how serious he about you but dont expect too much of what he will say. Iam in an LDR too but he doesn't do this to me well not in your case that he's working he is still school and at the end of the day he told me that talking to me is his reward.

    • What could I say to him? He said he is sure he's mine, he said he would put in more effort in which day after we talk, send me a text at 10:00 am, so basically, I don't know what else to do. My first time going through this. I am 28 and don't really have dating experience.