Does he have feelings for me anymore?

I have started dated this guy and everything was good in the beginning. We did everything together and he even told me that there is something special between us. We started to get to know one another and so on, then he started working and everything completely changed. Nowadays , he only sees me once a month and when we do hang out its always late at night. He barely hits me up and doesn't call at all , and every time I inquire about his disappearance , he claims that "work" is occupying most of his time. He then makes future plans of hanging out with me that never end up happening. What should I do? Is he playing me and doesn't know how to tell me he isn't into me anymore? Or could it really be his job that is taking up his time and preventing him to spend time with me?


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  • It could really be his job. I went through the same thing with my boyfriend. His working hours can be really crazy and then he could just be tired afterwards. Try and see what his off days are and try to work around that for now. It'll get better!

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