Men, Should I Unfriend him on Facebook? Ladies can answer to?

We met on facebook, he wanted to meet in person for a lunch date. I couldn't I was babysitting, told him to stop by.we greeted with a hug. he said he liked me. I look just like my Facebook pics. & asked for 2 more hugs, saying I smell good. Didn't hear from him for 2&1/2 weeks. I text 2 time a week apart, got 1response. Then out of no where he Pm me on Facebook, apologising saying he had gotten locked up for a traffic ticket. He said he was still interested and wanted to see me that night, (this is at 10 am.) At a club he works at. Me & some friends went. We hug he bought me a drink. He worked all night, I left early. We text some more that night. A week later I texted him we made plans to go on a date he choose win tasting. Never heard from him again. But we are still Facebook friends. Should I unfriend him?

  • Unfriend him, he stood me up. that's rude!
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  • Stay Facebook friends. So what he stood me up. Dating for fun not LOVE!
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  • I say stay friends but don't date anymore he seem like he's to involved in something and that's never a good way to start a relationship


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  • Unfriend him but not right away. Sometimes unfriending instantly causes drama in my opinion. Just hide Facebook posting from him (if you do them). and take him off in a month.


What Girls Said 1

  • Do what you want. He doesn't matter. If you no longer want to see him on your newsfeed and dont want your stuff coming up on his then unfriend him. If you dont care or want to stalk every so often then keep him.

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