Should I text him?

So I met this guy through a friend, well actaully we haven't met yet but my friend set it up and gave him my number. Anyways, so we've texted for 2 days now, and he texted me early today, and said hey, so I wrote back, but he didn't respond, this was at 3pm. So should I text him tonight, or wait till tomorrow? He been the one the past 2 days that has done the reaching out. I want to talk to him! lol Just don't want to come across desperate/needy if I text him tonight.


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  • I would definitely wait! That's great that's he's been the one initiating the texts (it means he's interested)...guys like the chase and they don't want a girl who's too available. The one thing I know for certain is this: if you're doing all the right things to let him know you like him (ie. flirting, complimenting him, etc.) and if he stops texting, calling, asking you out, then he's just not interested! Let him do the're worth it! And texting can get lame after a while...wait for an opportunity and let him know that he should call you. For instance, if he asks you a semi-personal question in a text or if he says that you should get together, respond by saying "why don't you give me a call and we'll set something up" or "how about you give me a call when you're free? ...Talking is better than texting". If he says no or if he doesn't bother calling then don't waste any more time thinking about him.

    • Great response!! your right texting does get lame, we haven't spoken on the phone yet, I guess because its only been 3 days so its still fresh and he might be nervous, so I def will try the semi personal question, and I will make sure to do the right things just so he knws that I am interested!

    • I'm glad I can me, after years of dating you start to recognize a pattern! 99% of men are the same even though they all think they're the exception lol. Good luck with your guy :)

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  • I would wait for as long as you can possibly bear. Trust me, I know its hard and I usually crack, but since you were the last one to say something, it should be his "turn". Plus, when they text you first it just kinda feels like a little victory or something haha because you know they had to have thought about you to have texted you...

    If it goes on too long though, I might say something like... "so what have you been up to besides being too busy to talk to me? ;)" or I don't know just something playful and accusing haha but tryyyyy to wait!

    • Your so right ! its his "turn" now, and I love that little victory feeling when they do finally pop up!! lol

    • Good girl =) lol keep us updated!

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