Hott dream of this guy I think I have feelings for?

Last night i saw this guy. (I have known him for more than a year. We have been on dates but it wasn't the right time for me and i didn't want anything serious. And then another time it wasn't the right time for him when i was ready. ) I had a dream about him and it was a really nice hott fantasy haha. We have done stuff in the past except for sex. But now I thinking of this guy like crazy. I think i have feelings for him still but I don't know if it's that or just my attraction to him. I will be seeing him once a week for the next 2 months because we are in a recreational league and have mutual friends.

So i am confused on how i feel about him and would he still take me seriously if we wanted to try dating again?


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  • because you had this dream of him you're most likely gonna feel like you're in love with him. trust me I had the same shit happen to me. you just gotta give it like 2 weeks maybe and it will settle and die out.

    • Yea i wasn't going to do anything about it yet. It's a good thing i will be seeing him so i can judge how i feel in a few weeks... Thanks!

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