So I dated this girl once and I don't know if shed take me back?

We dated and after we broke up... Partially because of her mom... She said maybe id get another chance someday then I thought she disliked me until recently when she's stepped back into my life never indeed having hated me and she won't answer any questions that could have to do with that except a maybe maybe not when I offered to buy her dinner at her favorite place to celebrate something... I've hung out with her a and her sistermore often this recently but I can't read her at all... She goes from seemingly happy to have me there to quite and no longer wanting to talk to anyone its confusibg

Girls: do you think shed date me again?


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  • not right now i don't think she is ready for a relationship she sounds confused feelings wise and in general about stuff she more then likely reached out to you because she missed you but i don't think she's ready to get into something right now

    • Well she had kept my number for two years where I thought she didn't and I had thought shed deleted it because she disliked me...

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