I have a neighbour who I have a crush on.should I confess to him that I like him bare in my mind he once told me he doesn't like being in relashnshp?

There was a time we were both having a group conversation and one of our friend was having a relationship problem and was telling us about it..It was bad that I said 'this is why I dont like im a relationship''..he was like me too i always tell my friends that there is no point being in a relationship when u gonna end up braking up after 1 year or so.
Am not really sure if I tell him that I like him is a good idea..bare also in mind I have nevr told a guy my feelings before this will be my first...what should I do?

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  • Not to tèll him my feelings for him
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  • Just go for it, who knows, he could have said that without thinking, and he meant for to sound like he was stating that he's single casually.

    • But am a shy girl and I mumble I get nervous. .I don't actually know how I could tell him as well

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  • i like a girl that doesn't date because she's just too busy (works 3 jobs). i can tell her, but i highly doubt she'll say yes. he told you he doesn't do relationships, thats a pretty big hint


What Girls Said 1

  • Go for it!! You have nothing to lose at this point.

    • Also people say things all the time. Just because they meant it when they said it does not mean that they mean it now.