Should I ask if we can have a label?

So me and this guy have been "seeing" each other for about 2 months now. We are both in college, so most of the time, we would hang out at parties. We have had several sleepovers (though we haven't done anything yet). I really like him and I want to know what we are, but I don't know how to approach the subject.
Is it to soon to be asking what we are? (I don't have any dating experience so I don't really know). Should he be the one initiating this conversation, or is it okay for me to? Whats the best way for me to ask him without being awkward or seeming needy?
Any and all advice and opinions are appreciated!


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  • Of course it's ok to ask. I agree that asking can be a bit awkward huh.
    What ever you do don't give him an ultimatum those always back fire. Just express to him how much you like him and if he see's this getting more serious.

    In this situation his physical reaction says more than his response. If wants you to be his GF he should jump at the chance once the topic comes up.

    • Thanks for the advice. As a guy, in your opinion what is the best way I could word the question so that he knows that I just want to know what he's looking for in me, that I'm looking for something with him, and that if he isn't sure, that I'm okay with thing continuing on as they were before? (Also, what should I most definitely not say so I can avoid doing the wrong thing and possibly scaring him off?)

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  • Labels are important, we all want to 'be' something. Just ask him, you ain't gonna hurt his feelings. He may be thinking the same thing you are. I don't think you will come off as needy.


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  • Have you two kissed, held hands or anything that would suggest more than friends?

    • Yes, we have made out quite a bit.

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    • Okay, Thanks for the advice.

    • No problem