Do her like me or just trying to avoid me away?

I meet up the girl in school we studying same College but different campus and different program , but the first few week (the since i meet her) i text her and her always reply ( text me back ) me even her have exam or test and 1 day i call her cellphone her didn't pick it up her just text me back asking me " what's up? did you call me? " and after that i didn't call her anymore , she just look like want to text more than talk i don't know i guessing. But now i text her , her reply me back as well but she just said : " I'm busy and i have a lot of homework need to finish and now i have part time job so i don't have too much text, can i text you back later when i have time? " and her didn't text me back i waiting her sms like around 1 - 2 weeks. But before i text her and i say it to her : " i really love her and could you mind just become my girlfriend?" and she just said " i need a time to think about it and take it natural ", do her like me? or just trying to avoid me? and I always need to start the conversation first ( i mean text her ) may be i question and English i type on there is kinda hard to understand i wish you can understand what i want to said


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  • It sounds to me as though she just wants to be 'casual college' friends and nothing more, sweetie. She is putting you on her pay no mind list, which isn't right, but she wants you to know, with All her lame excuses, that she is Into you for the 'program' you wish...
    With this being said, it's best to move on to someone who can appreciate the attention you want to give. This one is not a 'girlfriend' who Wants This.
    Next time, don't be so quick to wear your heart on your sleeve.
    Good luck.xx


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