He still doesn't call me during the week and only calls when he wants some.

I dated this guy 8 years ago when were were 19. We were on again off again for one year until I finally had it and cut him off. Last year, we reconnected and after a failed relationship he became my somewhat booty call. I only talked to him when I would come over and after I would leave, I wouldn't talk to him until the next time I went over or through text. We would hang out or go eat out but after it normally resulted in us sleeping together. I'm not ready for a relationship which I made clear to him and also made clear to him that I didn't want it to be known that I was seeing him again. I think he had a girlfriend last year, but he denied it to me but I didn't mind because I hardly seen him in that time period anyway. He always tells me I can sleep over and when I am there and he won't let me go home. He loves cuddling and staring into my eyes while we have sex and this has been an ongoing ting for a year now. He still doesn't call me during the week and only calls when he wants some. what do you guys thing? I def. now have feelings and am so confused on what I should do.


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  • Before you talk to him, take sometime and ask yourself what you really want.

    Do you want to be in a relationship, and if yes, do you want it to be with him?

    When you're sure about what you want tell him how you feel and what you would like.

    Hear him out and then based on what he says together you can chart the way forward.

  • You have feelings for this guy? You should make that clear. To me it sounds like things could get out of hand and some feelings could get hurt if you two don't make some boundaries--and fast!