Oh boy, I'm going to Rutgers and I have no idea how to date?

I'm the loud classy Italien/New York accent kid who works hard and has straight A's and is very sociable. But I want to join the dating scene in college. I couldn't really date because I'm Muslim and my parents perfer me to marry within our race.
I don't really have a preference...i mean like spanish, American girls, Turkish, Italien...etc...i even thought I wasn't attracted to Chinese until I saw one at Rutgers and I honestly had to look twice because I was attracted to her.
As far as looks go...I know I ain't the most attractive guy but old ladies said I was handsome (kinda makes me sad considering that they are they only ones complimenting me) but I only got one girl that said I wasn't bad looking. I am from
bangladesh but I could also pass for a Cuban.
I am very down to Earth guy and is always postive and I can handle rejections because I understand that every girl has a preference just like I do

I am currently planning to major in finance at Rutgers and I thought it would be a great time to start dating.
So like how do I start?

Side note: I'm a virgin and i want a virgin girlfriend if possible and yes it's kinda a deal breaker. (I believe in sex after marriage)


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  • Just start talking to girls in general. Say hi to every girl in your classes or in your dorm building especially your floor. Then start practicing flirting with ones that you aren't worried about impressing. Once comfortable with that, flirt with girls you want to impress and then eventually ask them to dinner or something.


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