I like an older guy. I haven't even held hands, he isn't a virgin. How do I approach this?

On our first date do i tell him i haven't kissed yet? I'm even nervous about holding hands. I'm fine with him teaching me actually that idea is a turn on but i don't know if i should let him know how inexperienced i am beforehand?


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  • 1st off you need to be open and honest. If he really likes you, he'll understand and I'm sure he'll teach you everything he knows.

    • "I'm sure he'll teach you everything he knows."

      Yeah, there's never any problem with that. Guys are born educators.

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  • I think I would just go with the flow and one day you can let him know that he was your first kiss, he'll feel special and also shocked that you acted so sly about it btu I think if you mention it to him he'll be nervous and think of it as a bigger deal than it is. I didn't kiss a guy till I was 17 and he didn't know he was the first and probably never will.