Am I being too jealous? What can I do to feel more secure?

I have been dating a guy who is a personal trainer for about three months and everything is going great. We see each others every nights after work and we both don't seem to get tired of each others. But there is a little problem I have in mind. Since he is a personal trainer who is in fantastic physical shape and has a great reputation for being an awesome trainer, he is constantly getting asked out by girls who goes to that gym. I am a regular at that gym as well, and I can see why girls are attracted to him (He carries himself very confidently). I told him about how it bothers me a bit that girls are always trying to flirt with him. He told me not to worry because he is not interested in them and only interested in me and I should know that since he was the one asked me out... But I don't like seeing him getting hit on all the time... Am I just being insecure? What can I do to let this jealousy go?


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  • You are being, understandably, insecure. Other then that I don't know how to help. I am also insecure and jealous with my boyfriend. It's obviously a turn off for him. I just try not to get irrational about it, he's with me. He asked me out. He treats me like his world revolves around me. When ever I am feeling insecure we talk about just so that I get it off me chest. He reassures me and we move on. Don't dwell on it. Sorry that's all I got.

    • Thanks Turtleluv, you are right. Your boyfriend sounds just like him, he reassures me as well so I should just let it go. But we aren't officially boyfriend girlfriend yet... I know it's just a title but I have a hard time saying he is mine because of that.

    • I understand that too. My boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend. I haven't heard anything like that since high school lol. It was so sweet :)

      I don't know how you would do it but maybe you should bring that up.

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