Does this guy like me or wanna get in my pants?

well there's this guy that likes me and he keeps flirting with me and he asked me out at the beginning of the year and i said no because i was interested in someone else. Well we have been talking ever since and he always calls me beautiful and he has slept with a girl and regrets it and i keeps saying about my smile that it's "so stunning that i (he) could never forget it." And really, my last boyfriend was only in it to play me and try to get in my pants. I dont know what to think of this guy...he used to like me last year and he always calls me beautiful and i have heard before "if a guy keeps you too high on a pedestal then you can easily fall off" which means he can lose interest once he gets what he wants.

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and if he does like me what should i do about too shy to ask him out and thats a little weird because it comes off as desperate when a girl asks a guy out


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  • I think he might like you a little bit. But if he's always being overly agreive he probably just keeping you on the hook and hoping to get lucky.


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