How do I tell my girlfriend...?

Hey, please answer the questions to the best of your ability and make sure it's your honest opinion!

1. How do you tell your girlfriend you think her friend (s) are using her if she gets upset you would think that.

2. When does a guy become "clingy" what type of things do guys do if their considered clingy.

3. How can a guy show he cares for her without spending money, driving her places etc. What would you want a guy to do to show he cares?


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  • 1. tell her with compassion and show you care , she should be happy you care. make sure you don't tell her all her friends are doing this she might think you are trying to be her only friend- speak in specifics of which friend you think is using her.. if you think all of them are , you might want to just ask her why she is attracting people like that.

    2. clingy is a guy who is very needy and needs to be around the girl to a point where it goes into her life and she has to change her schedule/plans/situation to adjust to his needs of seeing her.

    3. show her that you care - talk to her , take long walks and just talk about life and each other , make an effort to know more about her and open up to her as well.

  • Just tell her how you're lucky to have her and give her a kiss and just hold her, she'll know you care and most importantly be faithful to her cause that shows you care too! (:

    • Just be straight with her and tell her, but tell her you are there for her and that she has you, that will show you care. Another way to make her know you care about her is to just go to her house or yours, watch a movie together and tell her how amazing you think she is and how happy you are to be hers and how happy you are that she is yours.

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