Friend Zone? Does she like me or are we friends?

Okay, so there's this girl I've like for a year now, but we're kinda on and off...

We can't even decide if we're dating or not. I believe I'm stuck in the friend zone.

I mean, we've had some romantic moments. For example, when we were just friends, we were at a homecoming party and she was sitting alone. She was depressed because her best friend hated her now. I just calmly walked up behind her, sat down, wrapped my arm around her and said, "It's okay." and she hugged me back, and we just sat there hugging for a while. (Everyone immediately knew we should be a couple XD)

Now, we're still really close, but I don't know if we're in a relationship. People keep asking us and pressuring us and we can't make up our minds! It's really confusing...

Any help?


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  • What I think is that she likes you, but isn't sure what you think about her.
    I think you should be direct with her, ask her on a date and tell her you like her more than a friend and if she wants to be your girlfriend.
    Girls wants guys to make the first move, otherwise we think you are not interested (purely my opinion).

    • Complete answer, nothing to add. So you know now make the move! Maybe she is not sure you like her until you tell her and she almost 100% sure won't ask you out...good luck!

    • Yeah, I think you're right, thanks!

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  • If you like her and she likes you back, then get together. Only you know whether you like her or not, if you do, go for it.


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