If a guy is jealous if your other guy friends does that mean he has feelings for you?

I've been dating a guy for a few months. And he knows my best friend is a guy and he won't met him. He thinks that there is some underlying reason he's friends with me. I've told him we have never slept together or anything like that. Does this mean his jealous and likes me a lot or that his just insecure? Thanks for the help


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  • He sounds jealous and insecure but he does have a point. A lot of men will be friend a girl they are interested in either in the aftermath of a rejection or with the aim of getting with her when a solid relationship has been formed. These men aren't friends, they're orbiters. Men who a) can't take a rejection for an answer or b) guys who are too shy to make the first move.

    That said I wouldn't be jealous or insecure about this fella and if he started causing problems in my relationship with a girl, I'm more than likely going to walk away rather than laying down any ultimatiums or causing unnecessary drama.

    • I've been friends with this guys for 12 years and he has a fiancĂ©.

    • That means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    • I guess so

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  • he is both jealous and insecure