Is he still in love with his ex girlfriend?

My bf and his ex dated for 4 years. He broke up with her because she was physco and she cheated on him and he didn't love her anymore. They even went to counseling which didn't help. Well last night we were both a little drunk and when we got home we got on the subject on how I want to move eventually because we live in a small town and when I finish college I want to get a job elsewhere. He said that's how my ex was she wanted to move too. Which I don't know why he is comparing me to her. He has done it before when we would be fighting a lot he said that's why I broke up with my ex was Cuz she always fought with me. I asked him last night why he compares me to her and he's like because I don't want you to end up like her because if u did then I would maybe break up with you. They just broke up last feb/March I believe and she is getting married to one of his best friends in college he met. He said last night after I said he was still in love with her "no I'm not that's why I broke up with her and she's marrying which I use to think was my best friend"... yeah I could understand the hurt and stuff because it would suck. But I don't know why he still cares when he tells me he doesn't but I feel like he does. Is he still in love with his ex?

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  • I don't think he's in love with her but you have to understand that they dated for four years and they have only been broken up for a few months (if by last March you mean the one that just passed). But even if it was feb or march of 2013 he may not be over it entirely over the ex

    It takes time to get over a past relationship and I think, only a few months removed, that he probably isn't 100% over his ex yet... that said

    I think you have a legitimate beef about him comparing you to her. I think it's unfair and rather classless. We often compare current partners to previous ones but to go as far as to say "if you do x I may have to break up with you" is really not appropriate.

    It sounds clear that he is still angry about the way things happened and not entirely over his ex. it doesn't mean he likes her or wants to be with her but he isn't over all the damage the relationship caused


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  • He apparently has Not Completely moved on, never found Complete Closure, and Will, once in a blue moon, Feel like he can throw his Ex in your face. I don't believe he means to, so yes, I can understand his 'hurt and stuff.' He is still reliving the bad memories of what she did to him, And even now, it's stinging like hell, causing a 'wedding bell blue.'
    However, She Is marrying one of his best buds, so That in itself is a slap in the face to him, I am sure for him. And to You, too, of course.
    But I find This should be his closure for him to Now move on, forget her And-----Never talk about Her again. You need to remind him of this...end of story.
    Good luck.xx

  • He has not moved on

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